welcome, once again

it’s a brand new website, ladies and gentlemen – the other one disappeared into the internet limbo, and i suspect it has to do with the recent migration to a different hosting company. something went wrong, and i had to struggle a bit to recover some content, and preferred to start from scratch in order to prevent new problems.

it’s Spring in the Pacific Northwest, and i have been quite busy in the last months, working for a couple shows – Revolve!, at True Love Art, Seattle – just ended,  and LP-Lost People, opening in August at the Beu-Beu Art Festival in Tuscany, Italy. also had to work on a commercial project for an illustration, and attempting to finish a couple commissions i had to put on hold once deadlines were haunting these walls.

i have intentions to be more present here, just like in the old days when Facebook and social media in general had not yet captured our lives; and although i have much to thank social media for helping me grow my number of collectors and admirers, it can turn everything so volatile and forgettable i strongly feel the need to be back to the healthy habit of regular blogging. it helps me understand myself and my art so much better.  we’ll see if i can meet this promise this time.

“Allegory on The Human Life”, hanging at True Love Art during “Revolve!”, curated by Don Farrell.


On my desk.

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